Josef-Peter Römer


Josef-Peter Römer doesn’t have any great philosophical statement to make about why he creates art. He paints what he like and make a comment on that is his interpretation of the subject matter. He prefer to paint themes that evolve from his dreams, personal experiences, historical and current events.

He does not concern himself with perspective or size as it relates to other objects in the painting, nor is there a single point of interest. It is the whole painting that is the point of interest.

It is Römer's believe that a painting should make a visual comment that should incite the art of conversation. Some of his artistic comments are politically or socially motivated, but they are based primarily on what intrigues him at that particular moment in time. Römer does not make any preliminary drawings or plan his paintings in advance, nor does he transfer any pre-designed drawing on to the canvas. His subject matter comes to him as he paints.

Should at a later date Römer not like what he has previously painted, well then he just paints over the old and in with the new subject matter.