Working on the “Time Portal”

Painting shown in progress


Welcome to my website, just to give a short note on what my paintings represent and how I go about making them. I also intend to do some 3D sculptures in the near future.

All my paintings are created without any preliminary studies, I do not draw out the composition and then transfer it to the canvas.

If I created my paintings in that fashion, I would see no reason to continue once I have transferred it to the canvas,because it would then just be filing in the lines with color. It would bore me to death.

Instead I create my subject matter right on the canvas as I go along painting. So I really don’t know how the painting will look until I have it completed. The composition flows to me as I paint, from memories, Dreams, or current events. Once I receive the subject I will block it in and continue to finish it, adjusting as I see fit or changing the layout.

Should I not like something, I just paint over it with a new subject.

I hope you will enjoy looking through my Gallery of Paintings.